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On behalf of Osool Asset Management BSC (c), it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our official website, which is part of our endless efforts towards open and transparent communication to all our stakeholders.

We continuously envision a prosperous future for our stakeholders by seeking transformative investment opportunities. Throughout the economic and geo-political instabilities witnessed over the past couple of years, Osool has remained stable and continued to follow its principles in investing with innovation, manage client funds diligently and deliver superior investment returns.

We consider it our duty to support and add value to the local market, which we aim to achieve by continuing to develop innovative products and services putting our stakeholder-driven philosophy into action. Osool is dedicated to improving its overall strength as an asset management company by stressing on corporate governance and reinforcing compliance awareness while highlighting its risk management system.

We greatly value the trust that our stakeholders place with us and we are confident in our abilities to generate impressive returns, regardless of any expected or unexpected difficult conditions that could arise, which we capitalize on to unearth concealed opportunities.

With this, I acknowledge that our remarkable performance and market position goes back to our trusted employees who symbolize commitment, prudence and hard work. 

Abdulla bin Khalifa Al Khalifa

Chief Executive Officer