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Osool Asset Management BSC(c) (Osool) fosters the focused vision of an independent, fully-fledged asset management Company. Its objectives are to deal in financial instruments as principal and agent, to provide management and advisory services relating to those financial instruments, and to direct collective investment undertakings.

It was previously known as the SIO Asset Management Company BSC(c), where it was perceived that the creation of a new, independent and private sector organisation could deliver superior returns at acceptable levels of risk. The formation of the Company was preceded by an extensive process of study and evaluation, during which managerial and investment experts from the Social Insurance Organisation (SIO) and Military Pension Fund (MPF), the supervisory authorities in Bahrain and a highly experienced international consultancy provided strategic input.

The study showed that value-added, stable returns were available by the adoption of a thoughtful and futuristic approach to the management of risk. These returns would be above benchmarks, and at or above the actuarial rates required of Osool’s clients and shareholders.

The key was the launch of a separate, privately-owned investment entity that could create an aspirational environment conducive to freer decision-making. It would be open to the recruitment of top-line asset management professionals, the adoption of robust, state-of-the-art organisational infrastructure, and a commitment to operating on a par with the best-performing global financial institutions which manage funds for clients on a discretionary basis.

Osool was launched in 2011 and operates from head office premises in the waterfront Bahrain Bay development. It has created an extensive balanced portfolio of investments, diversified across sectors and geographies in line with the rules and guidelines of the Central Bank of Bahrain.

It employs global best practices in corporate governance and risk management, and utilises an extensive network of relationships with prominent global asset management firms and fund managers.